Naar Nederlandstalige versie

Free games

Even an 80286 computer with 512Kb memory, an EGA or VGA color card and DOS5.0 or higher is sufficient. Such a computer costs no more than 200 euros. Of course, you can play these games also running in Windows95, Windows98 or WindowsNT or Windows2000.

You have to play these games in "full screen" mode . 

Four on a row

You can play this game on your own or with two players. Because there are 10 levels it is ideal for learning children to play. After pressing the F1 the computer suggests one step. 

The program "four on a row"

The program four.exe      (Nederlandse versie)

version 2.3 has build-in help function supplied by the F1-key.




Build your own labyrinth and walk in it with a compass.

The program "Labyrinth"

Or search for the exit, like in the famous novel "The name of the rose" by Umberto Eco

The building page

The program labyrint.exe              (Nederlandse versie)

The labyrinth "name of the rose"

The labyrinth "Empty" to build one your own


Play the piano

Play the piano on your keyboard without a soundcard. You can record your sounds and play them back.

The program Play.exe

The program play.exe                       (Nederlandse versie)

Some sounds :